Costa Rica Caribbean Fishing

Tortuguero, the Best Place for Tarpon Fishing in Costa Rica!

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Tortuguero, Where the Silver King Dances

Washed by the warm waters of the Caribbean sea, Costa Rica’s eastern coast has both natural beauty and excellent tarpon fishing.


A great place for Tarpon, fly fishing, and nature.


Fishing Packages in the Caribbean

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Chasing after Tarpon

4 nights | 5 days $1,500 - $2,500 per person
  • 2 Full days of Tarpon fishing
  • 1 Optional jungle tour
  • 4 Nights at a Caribbean lodge

Head to the Caribbean coast and spend your days fishing for Tarpon with a fly rod. Admire the intricate canals and test your fishing skills against the most prized target on this sea.

Visit: Caribbean

Catch: Tarpon

Highlights & Fishing

7 nights | 8 days $2,500 - $3,000 per person
  • 2 Full days of Tarpon fishing
  • 3 Nights at a mountain hotel
  • 4 Nights at a beach hotel

Discover Costa Rica's mountains, volcanoes, and beaches. Fish on the Caribbean for Tarpon and test your abilities against the Silver King. Catching it is a real feat!

Visit: Caribbean

Catch: Tarpon

Coast to Coast Adventure

7 nights | 8 days $3,500 - $4,000 per person
  • 2 Full days fishing on the Pacific
  • 2 Full days of Tarpon fishing
  • 7 Nights at 2 beach hotels

Travel from one coast to the other in an incredible package! Fish both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean in search of their most exotic species for the adventure of a lifetime.

Visit: Los Suenos, Caribbean, Quepos

Catch: Marlin, Sailfish, Tarpon

Your Custom Vacation Package Includes More than Fishing

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  • English-speaking drivers.
  • Private ground transfers or charter flights.
  • Accommodations: pick between hotels, rentals, resorts or fishing lodges.
  • Private fishing charters.
  • Guided tours (English-speaking guides).
  • Meals (as stated in each itinerary).
  • 24/7 In-country support.
  • Taxes.
  • Transaction fees.
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Species to Catch in the Caribbean

The Pacific might be famous for its billfish, but the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica offers some of the best Tarpon Fishing in the world.


Available Boats

Eagle Wings

Eagle Wings

Size: 23 ft

Capacity: 1-3 people

Good for: Fly-Fishing

This light boat is perfect to battle the mighty silver king with one of the best tarpon guides in central America.

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Our Lodging Recommendations

These Caribbean Lodges make for a perfect place to call home after your full day of Tarpon Fishing.

Aninga Lodge

This bungalow nestled on the rainforest is the perfect nook to rest after a day of fishing. Admire the natural canals full of exhuberant wildlife.


Enjoy the sounds of the jungle in this boutique hotel hidden among the trees. This is a perfect retreat for nature lovers and adventurers.

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Fly & Inshore Fishing: A Tarpon Angler’s Dream

The Caribbean coast is an example of Costa Rica’s secluded forests and hidden waterways. With many sights to see and fish to catch, this is an ideal location for anglers who want to venture off the beaten path.

What to Expect

  • Tarpon fishing. It is the most prized catch in the area.
  • Expansive nature and abundant wildlife. There is plenty of both.
  • A unique culture. Even within the multi-cultural Costa Rica, the Caribbean provides experiences like nowhere else.

What NOT to Expect

  • Tournaments. Most of them take place on the Pacific coast.
  • Large towns or nightlife. This is a very secluded spot.

Fishing in the Caribbean Coast

Although fishing is part of the coast’s culture, the Caribbean doesn’t see as much sportfishing as the Pacific. This doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges for both pros and beginners.

The area between Parismina and Barra del Colorado is the home to some of the best Tarpon fishing in the world. Here Tarpon don’t migrate too much, so fishing is great year-round.

Due to the weather on the Caribbean coast, there are key times for great fishing.

The peak months for great Tarpon fishing are Feb-May and September-October. Even though Tarpon don’t migrate here, weather plays a factor and the ability to get out of the river mouths is key.

These two windows offer anglers the best chance of great weather and easy access to the prime fishing grounds.

The key area for great tarpon fishing on the Caribbean is Tortuguero. This small town lies right in the middle of Parismina and Barra del Colorado. With its own river mouth offering great fishing, you also have easy access to the Northern or Southern waters.

So if you are looking to try something new or want to plan a world-class fishing vacation. Check out the Caribbean coast and chase the mighty silver king.

Nature Adventures & National Parks

We know chasing Tarpon is quite exciting but the Caribbean coast offers more.

The town of Tortuguero, for example, sustains itself through ecotourism. It’s an ideal location to learn about eco-friendly practices and to be in commune with nature. Enjoy the vast flora and fauna as well as just relaxing at your lodge.

The nearby Tortuguero National Park is home to endless wildlife. Like the name says, Tortuguero is also home to huge migrations of turtles, and depending on the season you may spot them at the beach.

This area is only accessible by airplane or boat because it is surrounded by lush mangroves. Canoeing or kayaking are a great way to observe the abundant wildlife of these canals as well.

Explore a real jungle and discover a location that is good to visit regardless of whether you want to rest, fish, explore, or all of them.

If you think the Caribbean coast is the perfect place for you, contact us and let us know what you want to do. We will gladly help put together a personalized itinerary to your satisfaction.

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