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Best Fly Fishing Packages

Fly fishing adventures targeting Costa Ricas most sought after game fish! Request a free quote and one of our fishing experts will customize an itinerary for you.

Chasing after Tarpon

4 nights | 5 days $1,500 - $2,500 per person
  • 2 Full days of Tarpon fishing
  • 1 Optional jungle tour
  • 4 Nights at a Caribbean lodge

Head to the Caribbean coast and spend your days fishing for Tarpon with a fly rod. Admire the intricate canals and test your fishing skills against the most prized target on this sea.

Visit: Caribbean

Catch: Tarpon

Deep Sea Adventure

7 nights | 8 days $2,250 - $3,000 per person
  • 3 Full days of offshore fishing
  • 1 Optional white water rafting tour
  • 7 Nights at a beach hotel

Visit world-class fishing locations and hotels in this trip to the Pacific. Fish offshore for three full days and target the large billfish on this coast in the adventure of a lifetime.

Visit: Los Suenos, Quepos

Catch: Sailfish, Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna

A Weekend at the Seamounts

3 nights | 4 days $3,500 - $4,750 per person
  • 2 Full days fishing the Seamounts
  • 3 Full nights at sea
  • All meals and drinks included

Head offshore for a three-night stay at sea. Fishing the Seamounts and FADs in search of Sailfish, Marlin, and other pelagic species. This exciting trip is for expert anglers only!

Visit: Los Suenos, Quepos

Catch: Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi

Your Custom Vacation Package Includes More than Fishing

Every trip we provide is you-nique. Pricing, accommodation and tour options depend on travel dates and your final destinations. Our quotes always include the following:

  • ‘Meet & Greet’ Airport Service.
  • English-speaking drivers.
  • Private ground transfers or charter flights.
  • Accommodations: pick between hotels, rentals, resorts or fishing lodges.
  • Private fishing charters.
  • Guided tours (English-speaking guides).
  • Meals (as stated in each itinerary).
  • 24/7 In-country support.
  • Taxes.
  • Transaction fees.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Best Fly Fishing Destinations in Costa Rica

These are just a few locations for world class fly fishing! These areas are home to excellent fly fishing guides and offer a variety of lodging options for your vacation.



Los Suenos

Common Fly Fishing Species to Catch

Whether you are looking to test your fly fishing skills on a Marlin, Sailfish, Tarpon or Roosterfish, Costa Rica has something for all fly fishing anglers.




Available Boats



Size: 46 ft

Capacity: 6-10 people

Good for: Deep Sea

The Local Legend of Quepos, full Garmin electronics, Lee outriggers, fighting chair, air-conditioned salon for comfort and full private bathroom.

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Fire Fly

Fire Fly

Size: 43 ft

Capacity: 6 people

Good for: Deep Sea

Tournament-winning crews and the latest equipment at your disposal. With fighting chairs, full salon and kitchen.

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Double Nickel

Double Nickel

Size: 42 ft

Capacity: Up to 6 people

Good for: Deep Sea, Inshore

A good vessel with top-of-the-line equipment, including full Garmin electronics, Lee outriggers, fighting chair, and air conditioned cabin.

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Circle Hook

Circle Hook

Size: 35 ft

Capacity: 1-5 people

Good for: Deep Sea

With tournament-ready crew & the latest equipment, it boasts fighting chairs, full salon & kitchen.

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Sunny One

Sunny One

Size: 33 ft

Capacity: 1-5 people

Good for: Deep Sea, Inshore

A well-reviewed, single-diesel engine. With a fighting chair and on-board bathroom.

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Good Day

Good Day

Size: 31 ft

Capacity: Up to 5 people

Good for: Deep Sea, Fly-Fishing, Inshore

With an inboard Cummins motor and the latest equipment, this boat is fitted with fighting chair and top of the line equipment.

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Size: 26 ft

Capacity: 1-4 people

Good for: Deep Sea, Inshore

Fish in one of the best value boats in the area. Fast, comfortable and great for inshore and offshore.

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Eagle Wings

Eagle Wings

Size: 23 ft

Capacity: 1-3 people

Good for: Fly-Fishing

This light boat is perfect to battle the mighty silver king with one of the best tarpon guides in central America.

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Our Lodging Recommendations

Fly fishing is a sport that can be enjoyed all around Costa Rica. These are just a few of the places where can call home during your Costa Rica Fly Fishing Adventure.

Bella Vista Condos

On the heart of a world-class Marina community, this condo is close to nature & a golf course. Enjoy modern amenities with gorgeous ocean views.

La Mansion Inn

Quirky and comfortable, this hotel is great for couples and families with older children. Forest views and a relaxing ambiance are a great addition to your fishing vacation.


Enjoy the sounds of the jungle in this boutique hotel hidden among the trees. This is a perfect retreat for nature lovers and adventurers.

Adventures Beyond the Sea

Check out Costa Rica’s wild side. Consider one of these great activities on an off day from fly fishing!


Drive along unpaved roads, waterfalls, and farms to discover the coast's true beauties. Perfect for adventurers and nature lovers.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Follow a naturalist guide into the depths of Costa Rica's rainforest. Hike on these trails for half a day and spot all kinds of animals and flowers.

White Water Rafting

Hop into a raft and descend the rapids while engulfed by the forest and its wildlife. Ideal for nature lovers of all ages.

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Best Fly Fishing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as one of the fishing meccas of the world. Although many people are not aware, this country offers some of the finest fly fishing you can find.

Traversed by rivers and estuaries that are in contact with both the Atlantic and the Pacific, Costa Rica has different destinations for anglers.

With world-class fisheries on both coasts, fly opportunities abound.

Whether you go to one coast or the other, these waters are full of fish of ranging sizes that can be caught on fly rods.

It is also a great fishing experience for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or if you already are a seasoned fly angler, there is excitement when fly fishing in Costa Rica.

Fly Fishing: An Ability Test

As the name indicates, this angling method uses a special fly or artificial bait to catch fish. The reel is a 1 to 1 retrieve and requires specialized lines and lures.

This highly specialized fishing style is the ultimate challenge for most anglers. Requiring patience and precision, the rewards of a successful fly cast are unique.

Although it’s truly an opportunity to test an angler’s expertise, it is also simple enough for anyone to learn.

From exciting first catches to challenges for an experienced angler, this journey is great for everyone.

Fishing in either fresh or saltwater is also possible in Costa Rica. The fishing grounds here are so plentiful that most fish species can be caught on the fly if you know how.

Fishing Vacations offers some of the finest fly fishing guides in Costa Rica. The key to a successful fly fishing trip is being in the right area with the right guide for your target species.

As fishermen ourselves, there is no one better to help you plan your next fly fishing trip to Costa Rica. Simply follow our guidelines and you’ll be fishing here in no time!

What to Expect When Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is not easy. It is a highly specialized skill that requires time and knowledge.

Whether you are an experienced fly fisherman or someone looking to learn, it’s necessary to get guides that can help. However, once you get the hang of fly fishing, you will be hooked!

If you want to come to Costa Rica to experience fly-fishing, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Unlike conventional forms of fishing, fly tackle is different and not always available. If you want to give it a shot, let us know in advance so you don’t miss out.

Fly fishing is also so specialized not all charters provide fly equipment. If you need it, there are boats that offer fly fishing gear, but book them in advance–they are reserved fast.

If you are bringing your own equipment, it’s possible to match you with the best boat for your trip that is also familiar with fly fishing.

Offshore, Inshore & Freshwater Fly Fishing

To truly challenge your fly fishing skills, try going offshore. Here you can target billfish like Sailfish and Marlin, which is the ultimate in fly fishing experiences.

There is nothing quite like watching a Marlin or Sailfish come into the spread crashing everything it sees.

Cast your fly back towards the teaser and watch the billfish switch over to the fly. It is then a game of man against beast!

To tackle the technical side of things, go inshore. Here you can target Roosterfish on fly as well as other reef species.

The difference between the two is that inshore offers more of the traditional casting approach with sight fishing. Offshore is more of the tease and switch method.

Costa Rica also has some great freshwater fly fishing opportunities. Try the light tackle adventure on the Savegre River. This is the place to target Machaca.

Considered the smaller cousin of the Tarpon, Machaca will fight as you try to balance your kayak and the water flow.

There is also fly fishing for Guapote on Lake Arenal, another fun fishery that offers more of a traditional fly experience. Cast streamers and poppers while looking for aggressive bites in these waters.

The final fly fishing opportunity—and one of the best in Costa Rica—is for Tarpon. This is the ultimate experience for most fly anglers!

Along the North Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is some of the best Tarpon fishing in the world. Here it is not uncommon to get double-digit bites from Tarpon on fly.

At times, fly fishing for Tarpon is even more productive than more conventional styles.

For all fly fishing, planning in advance is key. With specialized fishing styles, the best crews book up well ahead of time.

To make sure you get a good boat and crew, contact us and mention your preferred fly-fishing style.

Then we can help you build a personalized, free-of-charge itinerary that matches the fishing trip of your dreams.

Take advantage of our expertise and enjoy a hassle-free experience!

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